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All of our products contain Insultex®,
The lightest and thinnest thermal insulation ever

This new cellular structured fabric is truly revolutionary. It’s proven that air is the best Insulation and Insultex® incorporates countless micro air cells. These individual pockets trap air and do not allow it to escape. This is the key to keeping people warm. Insultex® simply reflects the body’s radiant heat back to the body. Other properties possessed by Insultex® include being very thin, lightweight, flexible, waterproof, windproof and buoyant.

lightest   thinnest   warmest

A factual example of the efficiency of Insultex® is as follows:

  • 1 layer of Insultex® protects a person to sub-freezing temps
  • 1 square yard of Insultex® is 0.021 inches thick and weighs 0.42 oz.
  • 8.8 oz. of Insultex® can float approx. 287 lbs. of body weight
  • Insultex® has a melting point of 194°F
  • Insultex® material can be sewn and/or laminated
  • Multiple layers of Insultex® can be used to provide practically unlimited levels of insulation

Insultex® is the newest thermal insulation on the market and promises to revolutionize insulation as we know it. This incredible material can be used in outerwear, gloves, hats, pants, tents, sleeping bags, coolers, boots, swimsuits, blankets, comforters; just about anything that would benefit from it’s remarkable insulating or buoyant qualities.



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